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Adhesives are widely used in various industrial sectors due to their unique properties and versatility. Industrial adhesives are constantly being developed and adapted to different applications to meet increasing technological demands and provide effective bonding solutions for different materials.

Adhesives have a wide range of applications in many industries, providing durable bonds between different materials that can withstand extreme conditions and loads. In the aerospace industry, for example, adhesives are essential for bonding carbon composite and metal structures. They are used in the manufacture of aircraft, rockets, drones and other vehicles. Adhesives must meet stringent requirements for strength, light weight and resistance to changing weather conditions. Some of the industries in which adhesives are used are listed below:

  • Industrial adhesives play a key role in the automotive industry. They are used to bond different materials such as metals, plastics and composites. They provide strong bonds that are resistant to vibration, temperature and moisture.
  • In the transport industry, they are used in the manufacture of trucks, buses, ships, railway carriages and other means of transport. Adhesives are used to bond a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, composites and glass. They must be able to withstand dynamic loads, vibration and weathering.
  • Adhesives are essential in the manufacture of yachts, boats and other watercraft. They are used to bond various materials such as fibreglass, composites, wood and metals. Adhesives used in this industry must be able to withstand water, moisture, sea salt and varying weather conditions.
  • Adhesives are used in the manufacture and repair of rail vehicles such as trains, trams and metros. They are used to bond various structural components such as floor panels, interior cladding, insulation components and more. They must be robust, resistant to vibration and changing weather conditions.
  • Industrial adhesives are used in electronics assembly where they are used to bond integrated circuits, printed circuit board components and other components. In addition to bonding, they are also used to seal against circuit copying. As well as providing permanent connections, they also provide electrical insulation and protection against moisture and vibration.
  • They are often used in advertising to join different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metal. They can be used to create posters, banners, space letters, packaging and other promotional materials. They are also used to assemble items such as models and decorations, which are often used at exhibitions and promotional events. They can withstand exposure to weather and other outdoor conditions.
  • In the furniture industry, adhesives are essential for bonding wood, chipboard, veneer and other materials. They make it possible to create durable and aesthetically pleasing joints that are resistant to stress and varying environmental conditions.
  • In the energy industry, they are commonly used to join structural components in power plants, solar farms, wind turbines and other facilities. They must provide durable bonds that can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals and environmental conditions.
  • The use of adhesives in the mining industry is a key element in the industry’s manufacturing, assembly and repair processes. They are used to bond a wide variety of materials, providing effective and durable joints in harsh environments. They are used to assemble structural components, seal and repair pipelines, bond explosive mats, secure mining components and many other applications. The adhesives are characterised by high resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures and humidity, making them indispensable in the harsh conditions of mining and quarrying. Their use in the mining industry contributes to the efficiency, safety and longevity of mining infrastructure.
  • Adhesives are widely used in the packaging industry to bond boxes, cartons and other packaging materials together. Industrial adhesives provide durable bonds that are not only strong, but also aesthetically pleasing and resistant to damage during transport and storage.
  • Adhesives are widely used in the manufacture of household appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, washing machines and many others. They are used to join various structural components together, creating durable and long-lasting joints. They must be resistant to temperature, moisture and other factors associated with the use of white goods.

In addition to these industries, adhesives are also used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and many other industries, adapting to the specific requirements of each industry.

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