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PROXIMA Adhesives has been a leading supplier of industrial adhesives for many years. We have been supplying them since 1991.

Markets and products

We specialise in structural bonding technology, particularly the bonding of metals and plastics. Today, the MONOLITH® adhesive brand is well known to professionals and is synonymous with quality and strength.

The company’s range of adhesives includes

What makes us different?

Above all, it is a passion for applying knowledge and the latest technological solutions. We look for solutions that guarantee success. At the same time, we ensure that the adhesive is easy to use and trouble-free for those working directly on the production lines. Our adhesives offer maximum efficiency in their application while respecting the environment.

The ultimate aim of these measures is to maintain the consistent quality of our products. We strive to improve the processes and parameters relevant to bonding. We ensure the selection of appropriate technologies and professional after-sales service.

Professional support

We would like to emphasise that we not only offer high quality products, but also provide technical support and advice to our customers. Our team of experts are on hand to help you choose the right adhesive and provide professional technical advice.

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